BTX™ III Benchtop XRD/XRF Analyzer


The new Olympus’s BTX III XRD/XRF benchtop diffraction analyzer is the ideal maintenance-free alternative to conventional XRD able to provide fast and reliable quantitative mineralogy of major and minor components. It runs without the need for compressed gas, water cooling, a secondary chiller, or external transformer, keeping the cost of ownership low.

BTX III is powered by intuitive SwiftMin® software to streamline your workflow with a single dashboard, preset calibrations, easy data export, and automatic data transfer. Operators can directly connect the instrument to any device using Ethernet or wireless capability.

Updated X-ray detector hardware runs faster and offers more intensity, leading to lower LODs.

Unlike the conventional X-ray diffraction instruments that needs sample finely grounded and pressed, the BTX small vibrating sample holder (that requires mere 15 mg of sample obtained using the supplied sample kit) convects all particles within the sample chamber, ensuring data virtually free of orientation effects.

SwiftMin® automated phase ID and quantitative software provides real-time data directly on the XRD analyzer, so you can make decisions quickly and with confidence. Boost productivity and save time on repetitive tasks with intuitive software features, including:

  • One dashboard for data: see all recipes, calibration, and analysis information in a single view to speed up your workflow.
  • Preset calibrations: input preset calibrations in a new password-protected lab manager screen, enabling any operator to use the analyzer and quickly get reliable results.
  • Automatic data transfer: automatically send data to your network when the operator hits stop or after a preset amount of time.
  • Easy data export: easily export quantitative mineralogy results for visualization or further analysis, and access raw data files using a network folder to analyze diffractograms.

Technical Specifications

XRD resolution 0.2 2Ø FWHM
XRD range 5–55° 2Ø
Detector type 1024 × 256 pixels; 2D Peltier-cooled CCD
Sample grain size <150 µm crushed minerals (100 mesh screen, 150 µm)
Sample quantity ~ 15 mg
X-ray target material Co or Cu (Co standard)
X-ray tube voltage 30 kV
X-ray tube power 10 W
Data storage 240 GB ruggedized internal hard drive
Wireless connectivity 802.11 b/g for remote control from web browser
Operating temperature -10 °C to 35 °C (14 °F to 95 °F)
Weight 12.5 kg (27.6 lb)
Size 30 cm x 17 cm x 47 cm (11.75 in. x 6.9 in. x 19.5 in.)
Power requirements Simple AC power (no cooling systems)

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XRD for teaching labs and academic research
Nondestructive fingerprinting of compounds
API confirmation with XRD
Reduced Fe analysis with XRD
XRD/XRF for feeds, soils, plants and fertilizers
XRD/XRF for crime scene investigations
XRD/XRF for shale gas drilling efficiency
Combination of XRD and XRF

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