NovaWAVE SA is a Stand Alone microwave digestion tunnel system, created by SCP Science, to improve productivity and automation inside laboratories: it can simultaneously process 12 samples in Quartz or Teflon® vessels, monitoring real-time temperature of each sample.

The easy to use Touch Screen Controller allows to digest a variety of samples while, the integrated software, tracks sample ID, date and time of the digestion, operator ID and the actual temperature profile of each sample digested.

* NovaWAVE US Patent Numbers 8,454,910 B2; 8,845,983; 8,852,534; 10,328,432 B2.

Technical Specifications

The NovaWAVE family of Microwave Digestion Systems allow to:

  • Reporting of individual sample temperature profiles vs. target profiles
  • The ability to mix and match different sample matrices in one digestion run
  • Automation of the digestion process
  • The easiest vessel assembly in the market
  • Multiple, simple Method programing
  • Position numbered, Balance Transfer Rack to simplify sample movement from weighing station to acid addition to the Digestion Rack

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