About us

QUANTANALITICA was founded in 2001. Thousands of customers around Italy and abroad trust Quantanalitica’s professionality, product supplied, brands represented and after-sale support.
We are one of the most recognized Italian companies supplying portable and benchtop analytical instrumentation, sample preparation systems, accessories and consumables for ICP, XRF, AA, Elemental Analysis, Certified Materials etc.
Many well-known international companies such as Olympus, Nanalysis, SCP Science, Elemental Microanalysis, Fluxana, Savillex and Rigaku decided to rely on QuantAnalitica professionality for the distribution on an exclusive basis of their products on the Italian territory.
The company is located in Osnago, north Milan area, Italy.



Via Guido Rossa, 14/A

23875 Osnago (LC) - Italy