Precision Balance

Precision Balance Model 5135

  1. High performance equipment that offers fast and accurate measurements.
  2. Precision balance with a readability of 0.00001g in the range 0-50g, and 0.0001g in the range 50-200g
  3. With RS232 output to connect the balance to a printer, computer or other external device.
  4. Easy to use and read thanks to a backlit LCD display.
  5. Electromagnetic force compensation technology
  6. Aluminum housing and stainless steel plate
  7. Glass urn with sliding side and top doors
  8. Height adjustable threaded feet and visible level bubble for correct leveling
  9. External calibration; external calibration weight included (200g)
  10. Tare over the entire weighing range
  11. Selectable measurement units: g, ct, oz, lb, ozt, dwt, GN
  12. Percentage determination function
  13. Overload protection
  14. Part Count Mode
Max. capacity (g) 200
Min. capacity (g) 0,001
Readability (g) 0,00001
Repeatability (g) ± 0,00003
Linearity (g) ± 0,0002
Calibration weight (g) 200 (incluso)
Stabilization time 3-7 sec
Plate size 90 mm
Total dimensions 460x205x280 mm
Power 220V 50/60Hz

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