Polypropylene Tubes in Class A for ICP/ICP-MS


SCP Science‘s DigiTUBEs are specially manufactured with ICP/ICP-MS Grade Polypropylene (ultra-low leachable metal content) tested and approved ISO 17025.
Each single DigiTUBE can replace 5 different vessels in the lab: digestion beaker, graduated cylinder, volumetric flask, autosampler tube, and storage container.

• Come with a 50 ml graduation mark, with accuracy equal to ASTM Class “A” specifications
• Reduces the need for graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks
• Certificate included with each case
• Manufactured with a RackLock Design
• Exclusive – Locks DigiTUBE in position within rack, allowing easy, one-handed closure of the screw cap


The second generation DigiTubes allows a faster heat up times and sample temperature response times.
Products meet the following tolerance requirements of ASTM Standard E1272.
+/- 0.10 ml for the 5, 10 and 15 ml volume lines on 15 ml Autosampler tubes (Class A)
+/- 0.10 ml for the 15 ml volume line on 15 ml tubes (Class A)
+/- 0.25 ml for all volume lines on 50 ml tubes (Class A)
+/- 0.50 ml for 50 ml and 100 ml volume lines on 100 ml tubes (Class A)


Download the DigiTUBEs Brochure