Refrigerated Centrifuge


  1. Large capacity of rotors and adapters. With maintenance-free induction motor.
  2. External cabinet in DUR-AL alloy, covers and front part covered in ABS.
  3. Stamped stainless steel inner bowl.
  4. Refrigerated with temperature selector adjustable from -12 to 40 ºC.
Max. volume 400 ml
Max. capacity 4 x 100 ml tubes
Height (exterior) 34 cm
Lenght (exterior) 41 cm
Depth (exterior) 71 cm
Power 960 W
Weight 39 Kg





  1. Stainless steel housing, base and inner tank.
  2. Cover with metal base, suspension mechanism and sight glass.
  3. Digital microprocessor control, LED displays and single-lever switch.
  4. Swivel rotor and adapters for different tubes, all autoclavable.
  5. Electromechanical closure which prevents the lid from opening during centrifugation.
  6. Manual opening of the lid in case of power failure.
  7. Safety system that automatically stops the equipment if the maximum speed is exceeded.
  8. Speed programming in rpm or RCF.
  9. Maintenance-free induction motor.
Capacity 4 x 100 mL
  8 x 50 mL (Tubes type Falcon)
  16 x 15 mL (Tubes type Falcon)
  16 x 15 mL (Tubes type Falcon)
  16 x 5-7 mL (using adapters GBK003)
  16 x 10 mL (using adapters GBK002)
Timer(min) 1-99 / Pulse function
Speed range (rpm) 100-4000
FCR (g) 2630 / 2720 / 2790
No. of acceleration/braking ramps 9
Noise level ≤ 60 dB
Aprox. dimensions. (cm) 28x50x32
Weight aprox. (Kg) 34.5


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