DigiFILTER Automated Filtering System


The vacuum assisted DigiFILTER assembly provides a quick and easy way to filter samples prior to analysis.

Increase lab productivity by filtering particulates from digested samples in a matter of seconds.

Instructions for use:

  • Thread the DigiFILTER to the digested DigiTUBE sample and then thread a second DigiTUBE to the other side of the DigiFILTER.
  • Connect the DigiTUBE-DigiFILTER assembly to the vacuum manifold-pump set.
  • The versatile vacuum pump creates suction within the DigiTUBE-DigiFILTER assembly to quickly filter particulates from samples.
  • Clean samples are now ready for trace metals analysis by AA, ICP-AES or ICP-MS.

*Reg. U.S. Patent No: 7,731,036 B2 / Reg. Canadian Patent No: 2,574,322

DigiFILTER are available in different sizes:

      • 0.45 micron for 50ml Tubes
      • 0.45 micron for 100ml Tubes
      • micron for 50ml Tubes
      • micron for 100ml Tubes

DigiFILTER Manifold

DigiFILTER Manifold lowers sample preparation time and improves productivity levels by filtering up to twelve DigiFILTERs connected to one DigiFILTER manifold. A vacuum pump draws suction from the manifold into clean DigiTUBE. Consistent sample filtrations at each position across the manifold. Multiple DigiFILTER Manifolds may be connected in a daisy chain. Manufactured under an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality program.

Note: When using Acetonitrile (CH3CN) as a solvent in HPLC, please order the Teflon® luer stop cocks.

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump 230 V: Simple, compact, stand alone pump with sufficient vacuum and flow to perform effective vacuum filtrations or solid phase extractions.

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