Microscanix Portable XRF


Portable micro-XRF mapping for Cultural Heritage.
MicroScanix is an X-ray fluorescence (μXRF) imaging instrument designed for field and laboratory work with a focus on portability, high resolution, and high throughput.
microScanix is intended for scientists seeking a portable solution for μXRF analysis and elemental mapping without compromising performance.
microScanix makes it possible to collect spatially resolved XRF data with up to 55 μm resolution and acquire elemental composition maps by scanning pixel by pixel.
The instrument head houses an air-cooled microfocused X-ray tube combined with polycapillary optics to illuminate a sample spot as small as 55 μm.
● A high-resolution SDD collects the X-ray fluorescence signal.
● Two lasers and a miniature color camera enable precise focusing of the sample.
● High-precision motorized XY (or XYZ) steps with 150 mm or 300 mm fields.
As with other eXaminArt products, the technology behind microScanix is derived from NASA instrument development programs and brings unprecedented miniaturization and robustness to cultural heritage research.

Technical Specifications

X-RAY SENSOR SDD 25 mm2 (70 mm2 optional), <125 eV FWHM at 5.9 keV,

maximum counting speed 1,000,000 cps.

X-RAY TUBE Ceramic-metal construction, grounded cathode, 25 kV nominal, 10 W max (kV and current adjustable), forced-air cooling.

Target material: customer-specified Rh, Ag, Pd, Mo, W, Au, etc.

X-RAY OPTICS Microfocused polycapillary beam (full lens).
SAMPLE VIEW AND PLACEMENT dual lasers, built-in color camera
RANGE XRF 1.5 to 25 keV
SPATIAL RESOLUTION up to 55 microns. Spot size on the sample adjustable by changing the working distance.
ANALYSIS TIME 0.1 to 1 s per pixel, more for single-point analysis.
POWER SUPPLY 30 W, 12-24 Vdc from AC adapter or optional Li batteries.
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 25 (d) x 14 (w) x 8 (h) cm, <1.6 kg
PC CONTROL 15″ high-performance laptop (provided), USB connection to the instrument, Linux and Windows available.
PC SOFTWARE software with GUI for control, data visualization and automated preliminary interpretation.
DATA INTERPRETATION SOFTWARE Recommended PyMCA (ESRF’s open source application for XRF analysis).
EXPORT FORMAT MCA, EDF, HDF5 and any ASCII format required.
SCANNING XY precision motorized tables

150 x 150 mm2 range (300 x 300 mm2 optional).

Manual Z stage for focusing.

Optional additional motorized Z stage

TRANSPORT shipping by land and air in a sturdy carrying case provided, compatible with airline checked baggage.

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