DigiPREP KeyPad Controller & Touch Screen

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DigiPREP blocks operate with either the DigiPREP KeyPad, Touch Screen and PC Classic Controller. 

Programmable options include temperature set-point to 0.1°C, timer with shut-off option and operating language option (English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch).  Our technicians will help you in training for all applications of DigiPREP systems, suggesting the right combination of block and controller to fit your needs.


Select for use if samples are easy to digest and require one temperature set-point. Auto shut down at end of time programming. Works with DigiSET for evaporation methods. Works with all DigiPREP blocks.

Colour Touch Screen with USB

  • Provides temperature control for DigiPREP heating system
  • Colour monitor with real time graphing of heating sequence
  • 12 Storable methods
  • Each method provides 3 programmable levels of “Time to Temperature” and “Time at Temperature”
  • Temperature Set Point and Readability to 0.1oC
  • USB port enables users to save detailed reports on to a UBS stick for laboratory audits
  • Automatic shut off at the end of sequence
  • Display of actual run time
  • Displays actual sample temperature if the DigiPROBE option is used
  • DigiPROBE calibration- up to 5 points may be calibrated
  • Audible and visible alarm for end of segment
  • CE/CSA/UL Factory Approval: Designed to comply with major electrical and safety standards

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