Block Digestion Tubes

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Savillex’s PFA block digestion tubes are the cleanest and highest performing block digestion tubes available. Molded from high purity virgin PFA, they feature an ultra low trace metal background – important for digestions that are to be analyzed by ICP-MS. The maximum working temperature range of PFA is 260˚C, which allows these block digestion tubes to be used for all high temperature block digestion methods.The most commonly used digestion tube size is 50 mL. Savillex’s 50 mL tube (#210-050-70) has been designed specifically for most commonly available block digestion systems including the Environmental Express HotBlock®, SCP Digiprep®, Analab EasyDigest® and others. The 50 mL tube comes with a polypropylene closure, and features a scribed graduation ring at 50 mL and is accurate to Class A specifications.

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50 ml Block Digestion Tube Data Sheet