The new Savillex’s VC Ultra Acid Vapor Cleaning System is the safest and most efficient method for cleaning PFA vials and labware. It offers labs performing microwave sample preparation with a safe, efficient and user friendly alternative for acid cleaning microwave digestion vessels.

The VC Ultra utilizes high purity acid vapor to effectively clean up to 40 digestion vessels and caps in a single cleaning run. Custom cleaning racks, designed to accept all commonly used microwave digestion vessels, minimize handling and acid exposure while pre-programmed cleaning cycles eliminate the need for method development. The Universal Cleaning Kit further enhances the versality of the VC Ultra as the system can be configured to clean a wide variety of other labware. It is designed specifically for use with the vial cleaning system, the vial rack system comprises of a series of grid-type racks to hold parts securely in place for effective bulk cleaning and easy handling. Three pre-configured systems accommodate the most popular vial sizes, and custom systems can be configured to handle a wide variety of labware products.

The VC Ultra is molded from high purity PFA, the vial cleaning system is designed specifically for heated soaking, and is a superior, unbreakable alternative to glass beakers traditionally used for bulk cleaning PFA labware.


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