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Application Note _ Precious Metals Analysis
Vanta Sulfur in Oil
Car Catalytic Converters Recycling
Torion VOCs in water
Torion CWA
or Rapid Sample Collection and Sample Preparation of Drinking Water for the GC–MS Determination of Trihalomethanes
Torion Cocoa
Torion Essential Oil
Volatile Organic Compound Screening in Soil Using SPME
Volatile Components in Coffee
VOC Identification in Water
Screening of Contaminated Ground Water
Method Development for Identification of Adulterated Spirits
On-site Screening of Explosive Materials
Rapid Identification of Illicit Drug Substances
Rapid In-Field Screening for Fentanyl Analogs
Making Pressed Pellets
Digestion of Ali Powder
Digestion of Apple-Lemon
Digestion of Chocolate Chips
Digestion of Health Pills
Performance of the DST-1000 Acid Purification System
The Digestion of Animal Feed
The Digestion of Lead in Children’s Metal Products
Mercury Digestions of Water
The Digestion of Oil Samples
Determination of Plastics for Cd, Cr, Pb, and Hg
Soil Digestion, EPA 3050B1
Tissue Digestion
Sample Preparation for Waste Water Samples
For oil dilutions
AccuNORM validation
Sample Handler Rinsing Efficiency of the Bubble Stirrer During Sample Preparation
Digestion of Agricultural Leaves CRM
Digestion of Protein Powder
Digestion of Plastic CRM
The Digestion of Rock CRMs
Digestion of Used Oil CRM
Digestion of Waste Water Samples
The Digestion of Waste Water
Digestion of Alumina Powder and Diamond Disks
Digestion of CONOSTAN® oil S-21
Digestion of various food matrices
Digestion of Nickel Alloy
The digestion of Polypropylene Plastic
The leachability of quartz digestion vessels
Analysis Gas Supply
Portable XRD for Lithium Extraction
XRD to analyze Explosives, Forensics and Narcotics
Analyzer Aid to Geological Interpretation in Core Shack
Portable XRD for Graphite
Minaralogy for Metallurgy
Lithium Exploration in Pegmatites
Nondestructive Precious Metals Assay and Karat ID
Portable XRF for Analysis of Dental Scrap
Assessing the regioselectivity of a Hydrochlorination via 13C
Determination of Reaction Kinetics for Hydrolysis
NMR second order effects
Measuring Alcohol Content in commercial liquors
Measuring the Isotopic Ratio of 10B /11B
Multistep Synthesis of Substituted p-terphenyl Derivate
Observing Electronegativity via NMR Chemical Shifts
Detection of Soybean Adulteration in Olive Oil
Spectra of Fish Oil
Monitoring a Suzuki Coupling with NMR
Detection of homemade explosives using handheld raman
Rapid identification of new psychoactive substances
Raman spectroscopy and inorganic oxidizing salts
Narcotics identification
Resumptive field testing for narcotics, explosives and chemical warfare agents
Raman 1064nm used to counter threats in transportation screening
4C™ Technology for precursor monitoring
Combating the fentanyl epidemic using handheld 1064nm Raman
Detection of munitions grade chemical warfare agents
Household hazardous material identification
FAQ sulla Work Station per analizzatori XRF Vanta