Thanks to the almost unlimited number of measuring programs that can be installed on it, the Belec IN-SPECT is the unique and compact optic dual-spectrometer that can be used for smelting control in foundries, in goods receiving, recycling industry or production control.

  • High performance ability due to the latest 7GSO System
  • (7th Generation Spectrometer Optic System)
  • Latest state-of-the-art detectors, developed for spectroscopy application
  • Compact construction
  • Service- and operator friendly design
  • Low detection limits
  • Excellent precision
  • User-friendly software Belec Win 21
  • Free accessible sparking stand for larger or bulky samples
  • NEW Attractive design
  • Installation and operator training provided by qualified personnel

Wide selection of adapters for different sample sizes and shapes.

Technical Specifications

  • Double-spectrometer, UV-side argon flushed
  • Zeiss-Grating with 3600 lines / mm
  • Wavelength range: 170 – 420 nm
  • MCDC System (Multimatrix- Channel Drift Correction)
Source Max. 400 Hz frequency

Unipolar discharge

Sparking Stand
  • Open sparking stand with minimum argon consumption,
  • near maintenance free
  • Adapters for wires, tubes etc.
  • Pneumatic sample clamp
Dimensions and Weight Width 610 mm

Height 360 mm

Depth 650 mm + 155 mm for sparking stand

Weight: 59 kg

Power Supply 230 V / 50 Hz or 115 V / 60 Hz

20 W / Stand-by, 500 W / Analysis

Computer Hardware
  • System-integrated industrial computer
  • Intel ATOM D525 (1,8 GHz)
  • 4 GB RAM, Solid-State-Drive 250 GB
  • Ext. Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
  • Several interfaces
  • Analysis-Control Program Belec Win 21
  • Customer specific Measuring programs
  • Automatic grade identification
  • Integrated, dynamic alloy database

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