Automated Pre & Post Liquid Handler System



The EasyPREP Sample Handler is a pre and post liquid handler system for digestion work, that allows high precision reagent additions of up to 7 reagents, sample dilutions, sample aliquotting, automated pipetting and other applications.

The system dispenses sample volumes from 5 µl to 100ml and provides a flexible lab solution for multiple applications including Acid Purification Systems, fusion for XRF, Automated Doser for Fluxes and Presses.

EasyPREP Sample Handler has PC Controller and user-friendly software with intuitive method development that easy to configure.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum acid resistance
  • Minimum metal components
  • Acid resistant Kydex and solid surfacing material for the staging table
  • Electrical components that are non-vapor penetrating (switches, connections, etc).
  • Electronic cards that are coated to prevent acid vapor attack.
  • Acid resistant PFA Probe, Fluoropolymer tubing, polyethylene tubing and connectors, and ceramic valve.
  • Dedicated Pump with all Teflon valve and Teflonâ dispensing barrel for safe dispensing of Hydrofluoric Acid

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